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The bank lowers their conditions. The effective interest rate for the popular credit line is now only 5.99 percent per year. There is also an attractive money-back campaign . For a period of 12 months, the bank will reimburse your customers 30 percent of the interest paid. The offer is only valid for new customers.…

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The market for non-bank loans presents itself with great diversity, and this is certainly no doubt. Recently, a new trend is emerging in the world of finance, which is a loan from people. A product that gives you money not from a non-bank company itself, but from investors. Basically, the provider is just a loan…

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Installment payments are annoying because they limit the monthly budget. As a rule, the conditions are fixed with the bank. But changes in your favor are often possible anyway. 8 tips on how to pay less for your payday loan. This is how you proceed 1. Take the documents of your existing loan at hand.…

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